Upgrade to Hotel API v3 with our Transition Guide 1

Want to upgrade to EAN’s Hotel API V3? The Transition Guide is here.

Upgrade to V3

Our team of API experts has compiled a detailed upgrade guide to walk you thru the process of upgrading to API V3. The Version 3 Transition Guide is a succinct list of step by step instructions featuring each item that needs updated, revised or changed to upgrade from the old Hotel API (Version 200631) to our new smokin’ fast API Version 3.

The Transition Guide, located in the Developer Hub, provides diagrams of the required changes in each part of the user’s purchase path. The guide also includes an itemized list comparing each element, from each version, by each API call, so you know exactly what’s changed, what’s new and what’s been removed. With the Transition Guide you will learn how to leverage some of the most important new features within the hotel list, room availability, and itinerary requests.

To get started, simply follow the steps outlined for a successful integration upgrade from start to finish. Here’s a preview Jump right to the item you need, or browse from start to finish, from signing up for new version access to completing the final approval to launch.

1. First Steps

2. Search & Shopping Path

3. Product Selection

Get signed up, make test calls immediately, and prepare all global API changes.New Features
Getting Started
Global Changes
XML Sandbox
Follow the user through the entire shopping experience and leverage the most powerful EAN features yet.Hotel List Request
Hotel List Response
Geo Functions Request
Geo Function Response

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advantage of new optional features to control the volume and type of data returned.Hotel Information Request
Hotel Information Response
Hotel Rooms Request
Hotel Rooms Response
Rate Rules Request
Rate Rules Response

4. Booking Path

5. Error Handling

6. Final Steps

Service the user through each step of the purchasing process, enhanced affiliate stats options, or

creating your own customer service tools.Payment Types Request
Reservation Request
Reservation Response
Itinerary Request
Itinerary Response
Cancel Reservation

Manage ongoing troubleshooting with enhanced error messages handling ideas.Exception Messages
Alternate Properties Request
Alternate Properties Response
Finalize the entire process by completing all launch requirements and requesting a site review for approval to launch.Launch Requirements
Approval to Launch
Hybrid Sites


If you have any further questions about upgrading, review our FAQs or visit the full Transition Guide in the EAN Developer Hub. We also have a downloadable quick guide available for you to take with you.

With such a thorough resource at your disposal, what are you waiting for? EAN API V3 is the platform for the future, so get started today so you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming enhancements.


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Kate Fetty is a Marketing Manager at EAN since early 2009 and focuses on product marketing and marketing communications. She has a passion for social media, mobile, and the future of API development. Kate enjoys live music and traveling the globe in her spare time.

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