Help just got a lot more helpful

At EAN we love partners, and this drives us to constantly look for ways to improve the things we do for our partners. Over the past few months we have been investing in our Support model. We
listened to your feedback and looked at how we delivered support and how we could make things better. Today we are pleased to introduce you to our new support portal, the EAN Service Desk developed to ensure we provide you with the very best support we can, the support you deserve.

So what’s new ?

Well, we think the best support is immediate support, meaning you don’t need to open a new case to get the help you need. . We’ve created a detailed, searchable knowledgebase that will give you answers at your fingertips – put in a key word, or an entire question, and it will search our site content and provide you with immediate answers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for – don’t worry – simply click on the ‘Open a New Case’ button and your request will be passed to our support team. You will receive an email confirmation, including an individual Case Number, so you can be reassured your issue is in safe hands! Our library of answers grows every day as new cases come in, and we will continue to develop the range of content we make available. The new support team is bigger and better too – we’ve scaled up to meet your needs. They are here to serve, and no matter what your query may be, they will try to help you as quickly as possible. If your request is more complex and they need to pass your case to one of our integration experts, we will let you know via email that your case is being escalated and worked on. And the best part is that there is no need for you to log into any portals or remember any passwords, it is extremely user friendly. Simply respond to our e-mails and your response is automatically added to your case and the case owner is notified. Oh yeah, the whole thing is free, too!

Let us know what you think

We want to hear from you. Whenever we solve a case for you we will ask you to provide us with some feedback, this helps us understand if we are getting things right or where we need to make improvements, so please spend a few minutes to provide us with this useful information.

It’s not just about support

At EAN our goal is to help your business be the best it can be, so if you have ideas or questions that could help improve your solution, we want to hear from you.

So dig out those questions, ideas or workarounds you have been meaning to address and check out the new EAN Service Desk! Drop in today, bookmark it, and come back often – we hope to hear from you soon.


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