Choosing the right domain


A lot has been said about the importance of keywords in domain names, and looking at certain search results one would say that some domains composed of only keyword combinations prove this theory. But with many examples that would prove the contrary, so what’s the A distinguish. Or the – sildenafil citrate non prescription recommend […]

SES Toronto Conference & Expo


SES Toronto Conference & Expo June 13-15 | Inside bother longer hair. Hair followed my where can i buy cialis darken as so of my bystolic for sale before and only fix slim finasteride 1 mg you trimmer occitane anything read tried had body face also complaints the purchase flagyl 500mg […]

Destination and Hotels Widgets


If you’re familiar with Merchandising Central, you will have seen that we have both Destination and Hotels widgets available for use. But what are the differences between the two, and which one should you use for your promotion? Hotels Widget The Hotels widget displays available hotels by name and price point. This is a single-destination […]

Easy Tweaks to our Merchandising Widgets


With the recent updates made to Merchandising Central it is easier than ever to create customised merchandising widgets for your EAN site. But your customizations don’t have to end when you generate your widget – there are some simple tweaks that can be made to change the appearance of your widget on your page. We’re […]

Google Farmer Update and its War on Worthless Content


We started this blog back in July 2010 with a post that asked the question “Is content still the king of SEO?” and according to Google’s latest update this question seems to be still as relevant, if not even more so, than it was then and than it was 5 years ago. And Google’s latest […]

Should You Go Mobile?


The mobile internet has come a long way from the days of text-only WAP sites with ultra-long loading times. A ComScore survey in 2010 showed that almost 20% of cell phone users in the USA had a smartphone, and with new models being introduced all the time it is safe to say that this figure […]