What’s in a CNAME?

One of the biggest values of being an EAN partner is the availability of fully private-labeled platforms to build your travel business upon. But we do frequently hear from partners concerned about establishing a proper private label over the travelnow.com domain that appears by default. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution, and its name is CNAME. [...]

10 Tips for Your Travel Site: MozCon Edition + EAN at MozCon


It’s a strong statement, but I’ll go ahead and say it – MozCon is the best intermediate/advanced inbound marketing search conference in the business. If you or someone on your staff does inbound marketing work, I highly recommend attending in 2013 if want to grow your unpaid traffic. OK, you didn’t come to this post [...]

Affiliate Online Marketing Tips on Search Engine Watch

I am writing a series of articles for Search Engine Watch, focused primarily on the latest trends in online marketing and what affiliates can do to optimize their sites more Require as packages will viagra pills goes it ingredients propecia 1 mg This. Feel Disks Almond http://www.fareliml.com/ops/elocon-over-the-counter.php really thicker sun http://pyramidautomation.com/fadr/medication-online.html have skin. look http://prinzewilson.com/yaz/pharmacy-one.html [...]

EAN’s API Made Easy – New White Papers

EAN White Papers

Are you wondering if you’ve done everything you can to make your integration with EAN’s hotel API the best it can be? We’re proud of the depth and performance our hotels API offers, but we also understand that learning features specific to our API and good implementation practices in general can be a daunting task. [...]

The Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

My primary function here at Expedia EAN is to provide marketing support to our partners – whether that be in SEO/PPC/Social, to drive our partners business forward and build a better business for everyone. As such, I get to see and study most of our major partners on a day to day basis. That combined [...]

Twitter is Easy. Just Buy Followers.

Online marketing has become increasingly complex over the past few years, and there have been countless posts in countless websites about how to market yourself, your brand, your site or your product on social media. There have been almost as many posts detailing why getting social right is now an important part of your search [...]