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If you’re familiar with Merchandising Central, you will have seen that we have both Destination and Hotels widgets available for use. But what are the differences between the two, and which one should you use for your promotion?

Hotels Widget

The Hotels widget displays available hotels by name and price point. This is a single-destination option, and will show a selection of hotel deals in your chosen destination.

The Hotels widget is ideal for use on destination-specific content pages within your site, or for use on the homepage of single destination niche affiliate sites.

Destination Widget

The Destination widget displays a selection of destinations with a lead price point for each. This is a multiple destination option which shows no hotel-specific details and generic imagery for each destination used.

The Destination widget is perfect for use on your homepage if you cater to a number of different destinations on your site. Because it leads with a low “from” price it can also be great for deals-focused sites.

What’s the best way to use these widgets on my site?

If you are running a site which is not destination specific, you have the opportunity to make use of both of these great widgets within your content to help convert your customers.

We would recommend using a Destination widget on your homepage and any content pages which cover a number of different destinations – this will help to move your customers to the booking path more quickly. If you have country pages, for example, then you may wish to create a Destination widget with different cities within each country for use on these pages.

If you have any content pages which cover a single destination, these are the ideal place to implement a Hotels widget with deals in your selected destination.  If you have a one-destination site then your homepage would also be a great place to use a Hotels widget.

Hotels widgets are also great companions to destination-focused promotions – implementing a “destination of the week” or similar will keep your content fresh and ensure that your loyal customers are always presented with something new when they visit your site.

Using these simple merchandising techniques on your site is a great way to keep your site up-to-date and to target potential customers by the types of content they view.

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