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The Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

My primary function here at Expedia EAN is to provide marketing support to our partners – whether that be in SEO/PPC/Social, to drive our partners business forward and build a better business for everyone. As such, I get to see and study most of our major partners on a day to day basis. That combined […]

Twitter is Easy. Just Buy Followers.

Online marketing has become increasingly complex over the past few years, and there have been countless posts in countless websites about how to market yourself, your brand, your site or your product on social media. There have been almost as many posts detailing why getting social right is now an important part of your search […]

Measuring SEO, Create a Content Strategy, and Retargeting

Measuring SEO, Content Optimization Plan, and Retargeting

I recently attended SES London and spoke on Understanding User Behavior & Increasing Site Stickiness for transactional travel websites. In addition to reviewing the slides, you can read the article I wrote for Search Engine Watch that explains the concepts shown in the presentation. It was a great experience and time well spent. While I […]

Google Search Plus Your World Explained

Last week, Google launched Search Plus Your World, which is the most ambitious step yet by a search engine to integrate social media into their search results. This is a huge leap forward for social media, which has generally been a separate way to acquire and interact with your customer base. However, if Search Plus […]

How to create a Hotel Booking Facebook App


We have a number of tools that make building a travel site simple and reduce your time to market. But with all our great private label solutions, we want to give some helpful hints on how to leverage our products using popular social media channels. In this article we will look at how to display […]

Google Social Update


In 2009, Google launched a breakthrough update that allowed social media posts to sneak into the search result pages, so that users were not only getting the standard pages in their results but also a taste of the latest social media buzz about the subject that they searched for. Their latest update takes this concept […]