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The Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

My primary function here at Expedia EAN is to provide marketing support to our partners – whether that be in SEO/PPC/Social, to drive our partners business forward and build a better business for everyone. As such, I get to see and study most of our major partners on a day to day basis. That combined […]

Running a Successful Promotion

  Featuring promotions on your website is a crucial part of marketing your site. Promotions allow you to engage with your customers and encourage higher volumes of traffic which in turn can drive higher conversion rates. The online market place is a crowded environment, so for anyone wanting to stand out in the online crowd […]

How to create a Hotel Booking Facebook App


We have a number of tools that make building a travel site simple and reduce your time to market. But with all our great private label solutions, we want to give some helpful hints on how to leverage our products using popular social media channels. In this article we will look at how to display […]

Easy Tweaks to our Merchandising Widgets


With the recent updates made to Merchandising Central it is easier than ever to create customised merchandising widgets for your EAN site. But your customizations don’t have to end when you generate your widget – there are some simple tweaks that can be made to change the appearance of your widget on your page. We’re […]

Top 10 Tips to drive ancillary hotel sales for Airlines (and train operators)

Top 10 tips for ancilliary revenue

Driving ancillary revenue by charging for baggage, food, preferred seating etc. continues to be a hot topic for airlines. Our aim here is a take a different tack to ancillary revenue by focusing on cross-selling of complementary travel products and sharing some best practices. We believe that this area continues hold much potential for the […]