How to create your own Chameleon landing page

Every Chameleon affiliate has access to the standard Chameleon landing page with their account, which looks a little like this. While this is a good starting point for a generic travel site, if you are operating in a niche market you may need to create your own Chameleon homepage. Here are a few pointers to […]

20 Useful Online Tools for Affiliate Sites

Creating your own affiliate site means that you Brainstorming tool This tool helps you plan and design the structure of your page, organize your Wireframes Editor Color Scheme Designer Color Scheme Inspiration CSS3 Button maker CSS Gradient Generator Aviary‚Äôs Image Editor Adobe Browser Compatibility Checker Google WebFonts CNAME Lookup Content Duplication Check Privacy Policy […]

How to Process the EAN Database Catalogs

As a complement to our powerful API, we make available a set of data files that our Expedia Affiliate Network partners could use to create a database catalog. With the database the partner can create enhanced searches, reclassifications, add their unique content or use them to create various others offerings. The data files are available […]

Inbound Marketing: Webinar & Live Hangout!

2013 EAN Webcast Series – Episode 1 Our inaugural videocast is titled “An Introduction to Inbound Marketing” and you can watch it right now: Live Question Time: I will be answering questions from 4pm to 5pm (BST) TODAY, and you can take part in any of the following ways: Right here: Leave your question in […]

Help just got a lot more helpful

At EAN we love partners, and this drives us to constantly look for ways to improve the things we do for our partners. Over the past few months we have been investing in our Support model. We listened to your feedback and looked at how we delivered support and how we could make things better. […]

Lets Get Serious About Content

Great Content Will Be the Number 1 Most Asset for Travel Websites in 2013. Relying on poor quality, or duplicate content simply no longer works. There are of course many ways of getting compelling content, the simplest of course being to just So for while impressed applicator? Leaves “site” And the few Honestly visit […]